Oh My Jibam :)


Oh my Jibam. Oh mai. Oh my Jibam. Oh mai.
Hehe ^^ Joking.

So today, I'm gonna write about Oh My EnglishWell, as I am a Diploma in English student, this OME series really helps me a lot. I am so addicted to this series, *Addicted kah? Sampai kan presentation pasal Academic Software kelas ICT haritu pun aku buat pasal Oh My English. E-Poster pun pasal Oh My English ;) Hihi

Ni la hasil titik peluh ketiak aku untuk presentation tu -,-
Link Presentation: http://prezi.com/ef-and6zagw5/ohmyenglish/
And the best part of this OME-thingy is my favourite actors :) Jibam and Henry Middleton *Tengok nama twitter la -> Aimi Middleton *Adeh* Comel kot Jibam dalam ni. Even though character dia macam kelam kabut , but that's how his cuteness portrayed there. 

Yang paling paling paling cute bila dia dalam music video OME :) Time part Jibam nyanyi, Hey there come meet the teachers. You'll be amazed at all their best features :) *Dok ulang part ni je kalau tengok video tu.

Kalau la Jibam baca entry ni kan best. Kalau dia comment, sure malam ni aku tidur sambil senyum.
Okey Aimi, dah dah la tu -,- Well Akhmal Nazri . I'm officially a Jibamners :) Hee ^^

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