Five Important 'Be' in Life.

Be Grateful
Be grateful for what you had in your life. You may be seeing something that is definitely small and simple in your life but you really don’t have any idea how meaningful it'd be in needy people’s life.

Be Happy
Don’t frown yourself. No matter how sad, how hurt you are, please just be happy. Smile because happiness will happen in life. Allah knows what best for you. You may be sad that your plan didn’t work out in the way you think it’ll be, just believe that He has a way much better plan for you. 

I did struggling in pain and broken hearted not so long ago, about six months ago, and I admit that I frown myself. I look like the most happiest person in front of my friends, but when I'm alone, I tore apart. I cried. But, after this six months, I realised that frowning myself hurt me more. Well, maybe I deserve MORE than I wish. Who knows right? 

So, be not sad.  

Be Honest
Don’t tell others lie. You may be end up in trouble at the end of the ‘day’. The truth will definitely be reveal no matter what at last. Lies won’t last. It’s not worth anything.

Be Optimistic
Abang once said that I’ve to be optimistic. I used to look down on myself. Saying that I’m not good enough, saying that I don’t deserve something or maybe someone that are too good for me. Thus, he said that I have to be more optimistic. He asked me to look forward to this beautiful life. Be positive and never said that I don’t deserve to be happy again.

Optimistic, according to Oxford Online Dictionary means hopeful and confident about the future.

So basically here, I have to be more hopeful and confident about the future. Ya, not only me but all of us have to do so.

Be Yourself
Last but not least, the most important thing is to be you, to be yourself. Well, other people may be impressive and sometimes we wish that we could be like them but trust me, being yourself is extremely cool. You don’t have to be someone else. Allah had created such a wonderful you. Just be yourself, baby.

But of course, there’s no wrong in changing ourselves to a better person. We need some changes in life. Don’t just change, maintain it. Istiqamah. Though Istiqamah is hard, it’ll lead you to be a better person. Well, it isn’t wrong to sacrifice for something good. Right?

Pardon my language and grammar mistakes.
I’m not that good in English. I’m still learning.

Pelangi Cinta will be updated soon.
I'm kinda busy. New semester had just started.
I got a lot of things to be taken care of.
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