A Tribute To My Mom


Hi. I missed her. I miss her so much. 
Sejak tak berapa nak sihat dua tiga hari ni,
homesick tuu makin menggila. Haa. 
*Hebat pemilihan kosa kata menggila itu, Aimi*

Well today, I would like to make a tribute to my mom, 
Puan Arbaatul Akmam.
I'll talk about her quality that I adore. I'll take about our fond memory.

First, her quality that I adore :
she is a very hardworking lady.
She is a mother of two daughters and two sons.
Which her first daughter is so so so so stubborn,
her second son also is so so so so _______
her third daughter is so so so so _______
and her last son is so so so so lenjo. 
Lenjo means manja ya awak-awak :)

Me myself tak yakin yang I can do so many work dalam masa yang sama.
Tapi yelah, mak mak kan. Semua settle. Kagum ai. Kagum.

She is kind, soft-hearted and caring.
Maybe kita belum sampai lagi ke tahap mother-daughter strong bonding,
kita just sembang pasal benda basic,
tak pernah bersembang pasal benda benda yang serius kecuali study,
ya maybe Ika tak berapa nak 'dewasa' lagi,
Maybe maybe.

Secondly, our fond memory:
Every single second of my life that I spend with my mom is the
fond memory I had with her.
Of course lah tak semua masa masa nya happy je,
there's a time when I make her sad
there's a time when I make her feel frustrated,
there's a time when I'd be rude
ya all of them are very valuable for me even those are negative
as I learned so much from back then.

Well mom,
I'm sorry for every single mistakes I ever did,
untuk setiap kekasaran, 
untuk setiap ke kurang sopanan, 
untuk setiap expectation yang tak mampu dicapai.

I am not a perfect daughter,
but I promised that I will make you 
be the happiest mom on Earth.
I love you.

I love you so much.

Your daughter,


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