Assalamualaikum guys. What a gloomy day. Yesterday, we were shocked, again, by an incident that happened to our airplane flight, MH17. It's an air crash again. Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has crashed in Ukraine, on the border with Russia, with 295 people on board. 

154 Dutch | 47 unknown | 27 Australian | 23 Malaysian | 11 Indonesian | 6 British | 
4 German | 4 Belgian | 3 Filipino | 1 Canadian and 15 crews. 

My eyes get teary when scrolling down the news feed in Blogger and Twitter, when I watched the videos on YouTube and news on TV.

"Hours after flight MH17 came down dazed, disbelieving and frustrated relatives of passengers were gathering at Kuala Lumpur airport seeking information. Just as those of Flight MH370 found, they got little response." - More information here; The Telegraph. | BBC News

aimisyafiqah.com: My deepest condolence goes to the people on board and their family. I feel sorry for your lost. I couldn't even imagine how those people feel right now. I hope that they can be strong. My prayers are with the people and their family. This is indeed a terrifying thing that they have to go through. I can't imagine the situation in the plane before it crashed. I mean masa dia melayang nak jatuh ke bumi tu. Well, it happened too fast. This is so heartbreaking 

It's been hard for Malaysian. So many things happened in 2014. Two air disasters happened in a year. We didn't have the power to help physically, what we have is just prayers. Pray for MH17. What I've been thinking is, is this just a tragic coincidence or something more that we don't know? Be strong, Malaysian. 


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