Under Construction

Hello guys! This gonna be a short quick post. Been not updating this page for ages. There's so much things to talk about; about my recent escape, about one interesting eating place, about my customer design review etc but then mood kelaut. So just nak bagitau yang I'll be re-designing this blog's layout but will not be changing the blog's privacy which mean it will remain public during the construction. So kalau nampak benda benda bersepah in the mean time, harap mahap.

My cutest dear asked me to update something on this blog. So here it is. I update ni, pendek jela. Aci kan, Dougy? Haha. I miss UPSI so much. *oh ya, and everything in it. Hiks* 

Stay tune to check the final look of this blog soon  Kejadah nya kengkonon speaking london harini. Konon nak practise untuk MUET October 14 ni. Wish me luck, darlings. Help me out and like my page;

 PyqaDesign - Kengkonon Designer. 

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