Cute Korean Number Song

Hi hello annyeonghaseyo 안녕하세요 . How's your day? I hope it's great. I've been searching for this one particular cute korean number song since I heard the triplets sang this song in the previous episode in The Return of Superman. Then I finally found the song in Youtube. So, I wanna share the romanized lyrics of this cute korean nursery rhymes so that maybe you guys can sing along to this cute song. I always found myself humming to this song especially when I watch those cute babies in The Return of Superman. Well thanks to this song, I got to learn hangul numbers. (Picture: Daehoney and Song appa singing to this song) 
Talking about hangul/ korean numbers. If I am not mistaken, there are two sets of number character used in Korea. They are native korean and Sino-korean numbers. Sino-Korean numbers are borrowed from Chinese [source: here].
(Il!) Ilchorado anbo'imyeon
(I!) Ireoke chojohande
(Sam!) Samchoneun eoddeoke gidaryeo
(Iya~ Iya~ Iya~ Iya~)
(Sa!) Saranghae, neol saranghae
(O!) Oneureun marhalgeoya
(Yuk!) Yukshibeok jigu'eseo, neol mannan geon
(Chil!) Lucky~
Saranghae~ yogi jogi han nun palji malgo nareul bwa~
Joh'ahae~ Nareul hyanghae unneun miso mae'il mae'il boyeojweo~
(Pal!) Palddak palddak ddwineun gaseum~
(Gu!) Guhaejweo~ o nae ma'eum~
(Ship!) Shimnyeoni gado neoreul saranghae~
Eonjena i mam byeonchi anneul ge~

English Translation:
1: If I can't see you for a second,
2: I will be anxious like this
3: How can I wait for you for 3 seconds?
Iya~ iya~ iya ~ iya ~
4: Love you, I love you.
5: I am going to tell you today.
6: That I met you in the world of 6 billion people,
7: It's number 7 lucky
I love you. Don't look at here and there and just look at me.
I like you. Let me see your smile everyday.
8: My heart is beating for you.
9: Oh, please save my soul.
10: Even after 10 years, I will still love you.
I will never change my mind.

Lyrics' source: [here] | English translation source: [here] Video of the song: [here] | Video of Daehan and Song Appa sing: [here]

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