Little Cece: Always Make My Day

Salam alaik and annyeonghaseyo 안녕하세요 How are you guys? Hope that you guys are doing great. So today, I wanna share about this wonderful and cute lil honey bunny sugar sweet doodle account. This account (@_littlecece) owned by my former classmate at UPSI, Qeyna. I've been wanting to post this entry since so long before but couldn't be able to; due to certain circumstances which is something called 'laziness overload plus mood blogging kelaut'. K emi. Click on the link and tap the follow button and keep your feeds full with this fantastic and inspiring doodle-thingy. Besides the doodle, I love your captions too Qeyna 
Bagak tak agak gambar pun -.-
Honestly, this is my most favourite pic. I feel attached to this campfire pic. This pic was captured during #adanturns21 if I'm not mistaken. Adan, our class clown mate :p We have so much fun together pranking Adan that night. Splashing flours, chasing each other, laugh like nobody cares. I've got to say that the most memorable place I spent three years in Tanjung Malim is definitely the Bahtera Terrace. 
It might look like a big campfire but it just made up of fire from small twigs.
That's how creative she is 
Playing frisbee in the evening, futsal in the rain with bebudak Tera 25 and Qeyna and of course; Maz, budak kecik paling aku rindu. Playing truth or dare while bbq-ing in front of Tera 25. Stargazing while gossiping with Razi and gizibes on a mat on the road (buat macam jalan tu jalan bapak kitorang, kadang kadang baring straight on the road gazing the stars. Takde kereta lalu lalang pun. Kalau tak, takdelah aku menaip disini haha).

Ohyaaa, and seriously can't forget it when I recorded them singing 'All About That Bass' while Maz playing her ukulele and Azfar 'bergendang' using a 'baldi' ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I still keep the video in my laptop. Kalau aku post, agak-agak marah tak? Heheh. Miss 'em so much. The old good times.

Maz's cute ukulele. Doodled by Qeyna 

And more cute pictures in (@_littlecece) 
And my forever love, Kinder Bueno. Dapnyaaaaa
What I wanna say is that I really really really miss all those good times in UPSI. Being with all of you my friends, really made my day full with joy and happiness. P/s: Sorry, especially to bff, cuz tak pegi konvo haritu. I love you guys to the moon and never come back ;) Jangan lupa, follow Cece 

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